www.mybkexperience.com – Free Whopper – Burger King Survey

www.mybkexperience.com – MyBKExperience Survey is also popular as Burger King Customer Experience Survey, which is actually a satisfaction survey providing opportunities to express your opinion and help the company to further improve its services.


www.mybkexperience.com – Free Whopper – Burger King Survey

Participation in its online survey program will only need your interest, some valuable minutes along with purchase receipt, and in return, you will receive a coupon code, which’s redeemable on your next visit.

Burger King wants to explore every requirement of its customers, and so aimed to collect reviews with organizing customer satisfaction survey program. The company with such intentions introduced an official website www.mybkexperience.com, to help Burger King to improve its menus and quality of services.

Therefore, participants can enter into its survey steps 24 hours, and only 4 to 5 minutes are required to complete its steps online. This survey helps Burger King to improve the quality of its menus, services, and performance of staff. Keep in mind its survey coupon code isn’t redeemable in cash or other alternatives. Let’s check out its customer experience survey particulars available at www.mybkexperince.com at a glance –

  • Survey Name: MyBKExperience Survey
  • Survey Requirement: Valid Purchase Receipt Number
  • Language: English, Espanol, or French
  • Organization: Burger King
  • Survey Reward: Free Whoppers or Chicken Sandwiches
  • Receipt Valid For: 48 hours
  • Entry Limitation: One Person Every Month
  • Entry Method: Online Access
  • Eligibility: Anyone Who Visited Burger King Restaurants
  • Age Limit: Above 18 Years


Why Should You Participate In MyBKExperience Survey?

Burger King is a great restaurant where you can enjoy yummy and unique menus at all times. The popular menus are :

  • Hamburgers
  • French Fries
  • Whoppers
  • Chicken Sandwiches
  • Vegetable Burgers
  • Soda
  • Special Chicken Burgers

Additionally, customers can enjoy chicken or vegetable sandwiches completing a simple online survey step. After you’ve completed its survey steps, on your next visit in its restaurants you can avail of a whopper or sandwich as a reward. That’s quite an impressive offer, isn’t it?

To participate and win its survey prize, participants must’ve interest along with a valid purchase receipt, which is mandatory completing its survey steps in just one-seating:


What Are Basic Requirements For Burger King Customer Experience Survey

Before you are entering its online survey program you must’ve a valid purchase receipt, which is compulsory along with printed survey invitation code in it. This survey code is mandatory to access its simple questionnaire. Participants are requested to answer a couple of questions with complete genuineness and with good intentions to help Burger King improve the quality of menus and services.

You need to answer about your most recent visit to its restaurants and supporting your statement with restaurant number, experience, and complete receipt summary. All this information is mentioned on the receipt so refer it for the best help. To enter its survey portal without any interruption, participants must’ve a smartphone or computer along with an active internet connection. Also, the participant’s interested to spare some valuable minutes to complete their survey steps online available at www.mybkexperinec.com.

This online survey will help Burger King to enhance the customer experience at its restaurants, including an overall evolution of the quality of its menus, services, convenience, and restaurant cleanliness or any complaints (negative remarks) customers want to share in-person.


Who Are Eligible For MyBKExperience Survey

To access its online survey steps without any issue, your eligibility criteria must satisfy the following points :

  • Participants must’ve a valid purchase receipt obtained after enjoying a recent meal at any of its restaurants.
  • The minimum age required to participate in its online survey steps is 18-years-old or above.
  • Save your purchase receipt along with a survey invitation code printed on its receipt to enter its customer experience survey.
  • Participants must’ve one smartphone paired with a speedy internet connection as required to access its online survey steps.
  • Participants must’ve general understanding (read and write) of English, Espanol, or French for taking MyBKExperience Survey.
  • Participants can’t issue cash against survey validation code as it is strictly restricted, and so you must never expect cash rewards.


How To Enter Burger King Customer Experience Survey Steps Through Official Portal

To enter its online steps and win survey prizes, you must :

  • Visit Its Official Website

www.mybkexperience.com is the official website of Burger King to collect reviews and suggestions of its potential customers. You can simply click this link to open it on any of your smart devices. The default language of the survey website is English but you can also change it to Espanol or French.

  • Enter The Restaurant Number Printed On Your Purchase Receipt :

The website shows guidelines to enter its restaurant number. The restaurant number is mentioned on your purchase receipt, so you should never get confusing with the same. Just enter its number and click on the “next” option.

  • Share Your Honest Feedback :

Honest reviews are actually required to help Burger King make changes as per your preferences and serve you customer-satisfaction services and quality menus at all times. After completing its online survey steps, participants are eligible to win a survey validation coupon code or vouchers.

Let’s check out online steps to enter in its customer satisfaction survey :

  • Visit its official survey page mentioned above.
  • Choose your most preferred language in which you want to access its survey. The options for the language will be English, Espanol, or French from the bottom of the screen, and English is set as the default language.
  • The homepage will show a sample purchase receipt.
  • Enter its restaurant number in the given space on the first screen.
  • Type the receipt number in the field.
  • Now, click on the “Next” button and enter “Survey Invitation Code” that’s printed at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Click the “Start” button and your survey will begin.
  • Answer all the survey questions according to your satisfaction at Burger King Restaurant.
  • Also, select your order sort which you’ve made on your recent visits, such as – Dine-in, Drive-Thru, or Carry-out.
  • Type each and every simple questionnaire and participants are expected to share honest replies.
  • Once successfully completing its online survey steps, you will receive a survey coupon code or voucher.
  • Note its coupon code carefully on your purchase receipt and provide it at the restaurant on your next visit to avail offers.

This coupon code allows you to redeem only one item or menu on your very next visit. This is a simple process that helps Burger King to get valuable feedback from the customers and improve services and menus as required.

Hopefully, you’ve now understood survey requirements, eligibility criteria, and steps to complete its online survey in a single-seating. If you are interested to explore more about its available menus and services, visit its official website or give a call at 1866-394-2493.

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